Freezer Breakfast Burritos

Mornings are fast paced at my house so anything that can help me get out the door quicker is a must. These freezer breakfast burritos are pre-assembled and then frozen so all you have to do is:

1.Remove from freezer

2. place in microwave for 2 mins

3. Eat.

Its that simple. This is a great solution for those who are trying to eat healthier and eat a good breakfast.  Diva’s need to stay fueled and ready for everyday, you never know what surprises today holds. My surprise today was a beautiful bouquet of flowers the day before my birthday! I was shocked. My wonderful hubby wanted me to be able to enjoy them for one extra day. XOXOXOXO

FYI: My Hubby loves these breakfast burritos!

Another great thing about these burritos is how simple they are to make. You make each ingredient separately then just assemble. You can choose any meat or potatoes you like to mix it up, we chose to use regular crumbled sausage, prepackaged diced breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs and shredded Mexican blend cheese. The flavors are so complimentary and the melted cheese brings it all together.

Once you have cooked everything an easy way to assemble is to make an assembly line. Line up your plates in a row and just go down the line filling each tortilla.

I use plastic wrap around each burrito so it makes it easy to pull out of the zip lock back in the freezer and place it straight into the microwave.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do  : )

Freezer Breakfast Burritos


  • 10 Scrambled Eggs
  • 1/4c milk
  • 1 pkg ground sausage
  • 1 bag diced breakfast potatoes
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • 16 small tortillas
  • 1 Tablespoon oil (I used olive oil)
  • plastic wrap
  • 2 freezer zip lock bags Gallon size


  1. Sausage: Heat skillet to medium-high cook sausage until no longer pink, small crumbles are better for this recipe. remove sausage and place on a plate with paper towels to absorb any extra grease.
  2. Potatoes: In the same pan add 1Tablespoon oil, potatoes and chopped onions. Stir every couple minutes to help browning on all sides. add a pinch of salt & pepper to taste. Cook for about 10 mins or until they have nice crispy brown edges.
  3. Eggs: Wipe out any grease from potatoes on the pan. Crack eggs into a mixing bowl, pour milk in. Use a whisk to really scramble them up, this is key to fluffy eggs. pour into pan and cook over medium heat until light and fluffy.
  4. Assemble: Line up each plate/bowl and fill each tortilla with a tablespoon size of each. top with cheese and fold up. wrap each burrito with plastic wrap and place into a freezer zip lock bag. write “Breakfast Burritos” and date made ex: “8/28/13” on the bag. Burritos are good for 6 months in the freezer. Recipe makes 16 Freezer breakfast burritos, this will fill 2 zip lock bags. when done put in freezer and enjoy in the morning!.


Diva Tips: ~cooking eggs on a low heat takes longer but makes for better eggs. ~write on zip lock bag before putting burritos in it…its easier to write on a flat surface.

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