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Hello , my name is Eva.  

Divarecipes.com is the brainchild of my husband. His name is Tim.  I’m not a chef or a trained professional, but apparently my husband thinks I am!!  (Lucky for me!!)   Tim has always kinda considered me a DIVA when it comes to recipes and cooking…. thus the name!!!!!

I’m planning to showcase some of my favorite recipes.   Many of these are tried and true recipes passed down from my grandmothers and mother!   Over the years I’ve naturally added dishes from my beloved mother-in-law and friends.  Other recipes couldn’t be further from those!   Just dishes I’ve come to enjoy and perfect over our 37 years of marriage.  One of my first memories as a “married woman” was calling my mother and asking her “Mom, how do you cook a roast?!?!?”   I’ve come a long ways since then!!!

Speaking of my late and great parents, they were both wonderful cooks!   My mother was a natural cook and I think just cooked from instinct.   My dad, on the other hand, was genetically blessed!!   Apparently everyone in his family could cook and he had a brother and sister who owned and ran restaurants.  (I’ve always thought he secretly wanted his own!!)    He obviously absorbed everything he saw my mother cooking and baking, because after she passed away, my sister and I never had to teach him a thing…. cooking breakfast, making pot roasts and even baking cakes!!!

Nowadays, with every thing being so readily available and already prepared in grocery stores  and fast food restaurants on every corner, many young people are not learning the basics of cooking!  Hopefully, some of these recipes will be “the basics” for you cooks just starting out.  Others will be more intricate, or at least as intricate as I’m willing to try.   For the most part we’ve found that we love “the basics”, but every now and then I try to jazz it up a little.   After all, they say “variety is the spice of life”!!   But, speaking of spices, I will say,  Tim’s a salt and pepper man!!   So remember, you won’t find anything too, too fancy on this site!!   HAPPY COOKING!!!

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